Chuck G (virtually_chuck) wrote,
Chuck G

The End

I think this is the end of Live Journal for me.

All I've posted for the past 3 years has been mostly garbage about coming to this club, or seeing this band, or staying at home and listening to a little web based radio show I put together weekly (which doesn't get many listeners anyway). Mostly because no one really ever asked me with any sincerity how things were going in life, just passers by being polite with idle chit chat, whenever i was out and about. Partly because there is no need to post online when I'm living life, right?

Book 1 closed long ago lordvazago and it's time to close book 2 as well.

So for all intents and purposes, I'm done with LJ.

Good night and may whatever gods you believe in keep you in their good graces.
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