Chuck G (virtually_chuck) wrote,
Chuck G

I has a set list.

And another INVASION is on the books
April 14th 2009
DJ-Chuck_G Set List
11:30 - 1:20
Diary of Dreams - The Plague
Combichrist - Can't Change the Beat
Informatik - Entropy (syntax mix)
Conetik - Nothing Is
Concrete Blonde - Still In Hollywood
AutoAuto - Where The Buffalo Roam
Midnight Resistance - A Tear In Every Moment
And One - Body Company (Club Hit)
Spahn Ranch - Locusts
1000 HomoDjs - Supernaut
Dekoy - Haunted
Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs (Neuroticfish RMX)

Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine
Katzenjammer Kabarett - Romance
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Gruesome Twosome - Hallucination Generation
Rotersand - Exterminate
The Strand - Be Afraid of Us(En Esch RMX)
VNV Nation - Epicentre
Kloq - I Never Said
Bold = Requested Band
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