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Chuck G
24 April 1974
I am:
A Father
A Bro ther
A Son
A Friend
A Lover
Love of my life
An Enemy
A Photographer
A Cubical Slave
A Music Pimp

(The Set lists: The 2006 Sets, The 2007 Sets, The 2008 Sets)
1-08-09, 1-15-09, 1-22-09
A Pepsi Coke Zero / Diet Mountain Dew Drinker
A Different View
A Gassy MoFo
A Cat Person

Who are you?

80's music, amaretto sours, and one, angel, angels & agony, apoptygma berzerk, army of darkness, assemblage 23, ayria, bauhaus, beborn beton, billy idol, black and white photos, body massage, bruderschaft, buffy the vampire slayer, caffine related murders, candles-hot wax, catastro-fuck, chemical brothers, chivalry, colony 5, computers, covenant, cruxshadows, cuddling, dance monkey dance, dancing, david bowie, dead can dance, deathkey, dekoy, depeche mode, digital photography, djing, ebay, ebm, ebm music, elysia lee, evil dead, fear factory, fist full of boomstick, front 242, front line assembly, fubar, funker vogt, gary numan, george carlin, getting my dance on, giving the moment, god lives under water, goth, gravity kills, green lantern, growing old gracefully, halloween, holy crap, honesty, how's that again?, hush, industrial, industrial might, industrial music, infected zombies, invader zim, itchy tasty, jericho, jibba jabba, jla, kidney thieves, killing joke, kmfdm, lost, love, loving jen, madison wi rocks, minty fresh ass, monty python, movies, music, my lovely jen, neurotic fish, night clubs, nitzer ebb, not effin drama, opposite sex confuzzlement, peter murphy, photography, pickled brothers sideshow, pop will eat itself, porkchop sandwiches, premature evaporation, pride and fall, pti, purring, revenge of the jedi, roman dirge, rosetta stone, sabra ambriel, sealab2021, seize, sex pistols, shinanagens, shiny thing, smallville, smoking a kipper, snapping pictures, son of rust, stabbing westward, stromkern, strongbad, switchblade symphony, synthpop, taking a chance, taking pictures, tapping the vein, the 80's, the azoic, the cure, the eighties, the endparty, the number 12, the strand, the young ones, thunderstorms, timelines, ttv, utilikilts, vnv nation, whistlegrove, who's got some, wolfsheim, working out, wwe, xp8, zombies