Chuck G (virtually_chuck) wrote,
Chuck G

For Immediate Release

DJ-Chuck_G and The Invasion (a weekly 3 hour Industrial/EBM music genre program based out of Cincinnati Ohio) have entered into partnership to syndicate the show with and its broadcast programmers. Our (The Invasion) weekly broadcast will be added to the broadcast line up between the hours of 12AM and 3AM PST (8:00-11:00 GMT) on Saturdays (into early Sunday morning).

DJ-Chuck_G and The Invasion view this partnership as mutually beneficial to our broadcast and that of, as well as you and your labels. Our combined offerings of Industrial, EBM, and other genre based music serve to promote your labels and the artists under them.

We, The Invasion and, stand ready to assist you in spreading the word on up and coming releases, currently touring artists, and hosting online release parties (if so desired).

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you on upcoming projects.

Best Regards,


Charles Greenwell

Cincinnati Ohio

The Invasion is currently being webcasted on Friday late nights (into Saturday) from 12AM to 3AM EST (4:00 to 7:00 GMT) on
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